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Deep space

Blinded by the sand storm teams have 30 seconds to level the HAB and prepare to load. Teams use their robots to deliver hatch panels and cargo to their rocket or cargo ship with their alliance. During the matches end game, robots climb up to three levels.



Teams are stuck in an 8-bit video game. Using the yellow power cubes, the objective of the game is to have ownership of the switch and the scale for as much time as possible. During the game you can exchange power cubes for temporary power ups. The final objective is to climb the scale in order to face the boss.

2017 steamworks

Teams put their human pilots in their airships and use their robots to deliver gears and shoot balls into the boiler to power up the ship. At the end of the match robots have 30 seconds to climb aboard the airship on a rope. 



Alliances have a different series of obstacles to cross each match. The obstacles are crowd chosen. In order to weaken the opponents tower, the robots shoots boulders into their high and low goals. The final obstacle is to scale the tower by a rung. 


recycle rush

This game consisted of many different strategies as there were three different game pieces. Teams earned points by stacking totes and placing litter in recycling containers. This game also had the ability to gain 40 extra points by stacking four yellow totes on the center step.


aerial assist

Teams will compete in 135 second matches to shoot 2’ exercise balls into a certain goal. Goals are worth 5 points each when “hot”. There was a high goal over the driver station and low goals in each corner. Extra points were gained by getting an 'assist' when the ball was passed from one robot to another. 


ultimate ascent

Teams will shoot preloaded disks into 3 different targets; Low, Medium, High. Robots can then climb for additional points in the last 30 seconds of the match by climbing their respective pyramids. The higher the robot climbed the more points the alliance received, so long the robot stayed their at the end of the match.

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