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Growing FIRST

Our involvement within the program!

International Mentoring

In 2019, I.AM.ROBOT has expanded our reach across borders to show engineering does not have borders. 


We work with over 26 teams, Jr FLL to FRC in 6 different countries to promote the value of STEM education in youth. With each team we mentor, we encourage them to start their own teams using resources we provide them. 

We are always willing to help any team in need!


4810 strives to fill any open position at any off-season or seasoned FLL, FTC, and FRC competition taking on any job from pit control to refereeing! 

You can always catch us at:

  • FLL SharkFest

  • FLL Bishop Foley 

  • FLL Armada Automation

  • FLL State Championship 

  • ROBO Con Off-Season Event

  • FRC Center Line    

  • FRC World Championship                 


AND so many more!

Assisting team 6099

4810 has been assisting Team 6099, the Knight Riders, for two years now. 

Whether it be combined kickoffs, debriefing meetings, resource help, or combined lunches; we LOVE working with this group!

In the 2019 season, we have aligned both competitions together to ensure there is constant assistance and fun!

Assisting FTC 13960

The Titanium Jaguars are an FTC team out of Seneca Middle School. Our crew has worked to support these students at their competitions and during their season. 

We also invited 13960 to our kickoff event, teaching them about FRC and why they should continue their passion for robotics in high school!

Collaborating with team 68 at girls comp

For the 2018 Bloomfield All Girls Competition, team 68 teamed up with us to form one power team for the event. 

Our girls met for SIX hours a week for two months before the event to prepare, driving our team to a 50/50 male to female ratio!

Our girls drive coached the Team 68 drive team and helped out as the human player, technician, and an extra addition to their pit crew.

Competing at Girls Comp

Besides 2018, 4810 started competing at the Bloomfield All Girls Competition in 2017. This was our first off-season event ever!

This event is vital for the team as it draws in A LOT of our female participation. The girls practiced from 6-9 hours a week for two months to prepare and practice. 

In 2017, we ended up as the 6th alliance captain and left with loads of memories.

We have been back every year since!

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