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Happy 2019 Kickoff!

Happy Kickoff teams! Deep Space is going to be out of this world! There are so many unique elements and aspects that is going to make this game quite intense. With new elements like elevated starting positions, the Sandstorm period, and a field set up that requires intense vision tracking, it'll be interesting what 4810 can pull off before February 19th, since that is when we have to bag up the robot until our first competition at Centerline.

This year we invited another FRC Team 6099 The Night Riders from Osborne High School in Detroit to collaborate with us. We also invited the FTC team, 13960 Seneca Titanium Jaguars from Seneca Middle School. It made our kickoff very diverse and opened lots of new ideas to start brainstorming. Here is a breakdown of the day:

  • Watch Game Video

  • Divide the Game Manual into 6 sections and summarize to present to the team

  • Combine into 3 groups and come up with what we think a good strategy would be

  • Simulate the game with people and observe

Special thanks to the MISD for letting us use their conferences rooms for our Kickoff this year and the previous years! Stay tuned for more updates about our strategy for Deep Space!

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