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Fueling the talent pipeline

Promoting FIRST in Macomb County and Beyond!

In partnership

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Macomb County FIRST 

robotics showcase

December 11th, 2019 

Spreading FIRST Robotics and its role in building a STEM-trained workforce for the future.

Robot Demos and Keynote Speakers

  • Mark Hackel - Macomb County Executive

  • Lisa Perez -  FiM Event Coordinator

Thank you to all participating teams and businesses !!

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FIRST Open House

November 19, 2018

Promoting FIRST to countless of businesses in Macomb County and inspiring them to get involved in the future of the STEM workforce! 

Panel Discussion, Robot Demos, Open House, and Keynote Speakers:

  • Mark Hackel - Macomb County Executive

  • Gail Alpert - FiM President 

  • Micheal DeVualt - MISD Superintendent

Thanks to all our neighboring county teams for participating!


Army Autonomy&artificiAl intelligence Symposium

November 28, 2018

Teaching armies from all around the world about FIRST and the value of young, creative minds in the future of STEM.

With our 'FIRST in Macomb County' booth, we were able to demonstrate our robot and talk to many people about the value of FIRST and engaging the youth with our friends 217 ThunderChickens, 2851 Crevolution, and 3539 Byting Bulldogs.

Velocity center

February 20th 2019 

I.AM.Robot is working on the executive council to plan the Macomb County 'Velocity' Robotics Collaboration Center. 

Planned to take off in 2020 as the focal point for robotic collaboration and a center of resources for teams and a home to future rookie teams in Macomb County. 

Ultimate Goal: To increase FIRST at all levels in

Macomb county and provide ease within the process.

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