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Kickoff 2022

Happy Kickoff teams! This year’s Rapid React takes flight to explore transportation’s future! There are countless never-before-seen elements unique to this strategic game. End game now features hangers requiring robots to traverse from rung to rung. There is also an advanced opportunity for vision tracking to score into the two hubs in the middle of the arena. Team 4810 is excited to explore new capabilities in technological advances in preparation for our first competition on March 12th in Rochester.

Our team was eager to return for a new season after competitions were halted over COVID-19 restrictions. Because of this, our kickoff explored immensely creative brainstorming ideas for our new season. Our day went as follows:

  • Watch game video

  • Read game manual in 6 groups to summarize a reflection of rules presented to the entire team

  • Split up our strategies into capabilities vs wants both in scoring and robot design

  • Plan a schedule for the season

Special thanks to the MISD for continuously allowing our team to use the conference room during Kickoffs! Stay tuned for updates on our progress throughout the Rapid React FRC season!


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