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FIM District Macomb Community College Event 2020

This past weekend, I.AM.Robot hosted the first ever Week 1 FIM Macomb Community College District Competition of the 2020 season! We had 38 teams from all over Michigan and beyond in attendance at Macomb Community College from February 27th to 29th 2020.

Although our team did not participate in the competition, our students participated in the competition as valuable volunteers, in positions such as Field Reset, Safety Glass check-out, and DJ, amongst many others. Our head mentor and team administrative mentor took on the role of Event and Assistant Event Coordinators.

Team 4810 also hosted a VIP Tour alongside the Macomb County Planning and Economic Development Department. Many of our other students took on the role of Student VIP Tour Guides, who gave informative and focused, all-access tours of the competition field and pits to the wide variety of business officials that were looking to explore the world of FIRST. As well as the advancing development of STEM involvement throughout Macomb County.

This included information on the development of the Macomb County Robotics Collaboration and Innovation Center, which strives to grant support and increased opportunity to the talent pipeline of the Macomb County robotics sector by offering access to tools, programs, and expert assistance and wide-spread access to an independent, digital and electronic-based environment for innovative individuals. More information on this revolutionary site’s development can be found here: Macomb County Robotics Collaboration and Innovation Center.

In addition, representatives from the Macomb County Department of Economic Planning and Development received generous contributions on behalf of the Robotics Collaboration and Innovation Center from executives of businesses that attended this event, AT&T, Verizon, and the Michigan Defense Center, making them some of growing amount businesses and organizations that have become involved in this inspiring, innovative development.

We would like to congratulate Team 1718 The Fighting Pi on winning the District Chairman’s Award and being part of the winning alliance, along with Team 8380 Clarenceville Trojans and Team 5436 The Cyber Cats. More Information on the results of the competition, including awards, results and rankings can be found here on The Blue Alliance: FIM District Macomb Community College Event 2020.

During this event, we also had a special visit from Representative Jeff Yaroch, who delivered tributes from the State of Michigan to our very own business and build team member, Naomi Elliot and member of Team 1718 The Fighting Pi, Lauren Clemons for the extraordinary and outstanding work that they have been doing to advocate for women in STEM and promoting STEMinism through Macomb County and beyond!

I.AM.ROBOT 4810 would like to give an extra special thank you to Macomb County, specifically, the Macomb County Planning and Economic Development Department for their continuous support of our team, for giving us the opportunity to spread the core values and messages of FIRST Robotics throughout the county! In addition, thank you to Macomb Community College as well for making this event possible.

* Pictures included were by Macomb County Department of Economic Planning and Development Outreach, Matthew Pierscinski, as well as members and supporters of this event *

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