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2018 Bloomfield All Girls Competition

During this off season, team 4810 attended the Bloomfield All Girls Competition in union with Truck Town Thunder, FRC Team 68. Leading up to the November 10th event, the girls of the team had 6 hours of practice every week, consisting of drive practice, electrical rundowns at the school, and late night practices at the practice field. The girls had the opportunity to learn about each sub-team and work with the robot. This year was our second year attending the event, and was an amazing opportunity for our team to bring awareness to women in STEM. During the competitions playoffs, we were in an alliance with the Killer Bees (Team 33), Frog Force (Team 503), and Foley Freeze (Team 910). Although we didn’t come home Girl’s Comp winners, one member of our team did come home with a very big honor. The girls at the Competition had the chance to write an essay and submit it for a one-thousand dollar scholarship to a college of their choice. Team member Magdalena Sawicki was one of the recipients of this well-deserved scholarship. Overall, the team had an incredible time at the Competition and the girls on our team were able to gain more experience working with the robot.

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