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Competition Countdown!

It is officially 8 days until I.AM.Robot’s first competition of the year at the Centerline Event from March 14th - 16th! Even with our robot in the bag, the Design Team as well as the Programming Team are still continuously reviewing and improving our code to ensure the robot is ready for blast off in Deep Space! The Business Team is continuing to prepare for the Chairman’s Award, while continuing to update our website, as well as looking for opportunities to growing the influence of FIRST throughout Macomb County in partnership with the MISD. This past weekend, the Strategy Team took a trip to the Southfield Competition for an opportunity to give students immersive training on scouting and scouting techniques.

As a whole, Team 4810 is gearing up for competition with a bagged robot and a positive outlook for the upcoming competition!

Keep up with our season ranking and locations/dates of our competitions on our Blue Alliance page.

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