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Memorial Day Parade

On May 27th, we were grateful to be able to attend the Sterling Heights Memorial Day Parade along with Team 2851, Crevolution, Team 217, the ThunderChickens, and Team 2834, The Bionic Blackhawks. At this event, we were able to spread the word about FIRST Robotics as we displayed our 2019 robot and passed out around 1,500 I.AM.Robot bracelets. Following the parade, we celebrated with Crevolution and enjoyed the nice weather. We hope to continue attending this event annually to increase our involvement in the community. This parade was a great way to connect with the community as well as collaborate with other teams and build relations that are crucial for the upcoming season as well as off-season events. Because of this, I.AM.ROBOT is planning to continue being involved in this event in the future in order to further spread the message of FIRST and to promote involvement in STEM activities.

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