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1st Annual End of the Year Banquet

As 2019 was an amazing year for I.AM.ROBOT, the team decided to start a tradition of holding an end of the year banquet as an opportunity to celebrate the achievements of the year The event allowed our team to reflect on a great year and all of the hard work put in during the season. Emcee Nathan Cahilig began the banquet by leading us through a year in review, followed by the reading of the team’s Woodie Flowers essay submission by Jacob Johnson and Magi Sawicki. Following the reading, the business team surprised Mr. Eveland with a pair of checkered vans so that he would really feel like part of the team! The night also included senior awards which were chosen by the underclassmen as a form of final farewell to all of our senior team members, including Magi Sawicki, Lexie Bahm, Hannah Kelly, Anjali and Ajeet Parmar, Terry Brannigan, and Jeremy Abapo. Lastly, Mentor David Smith read the Dean’s List essay submissions for Gabe Freytag and Nathan Cahilig to showcase all of their dedication to the team. Overall, the banquet was a great way to conclude the season as the team fully transitions into off- season events and outreach. As the first year was a major success, we plan to continue to have this event as a fun way to finish off the competition season every year with a bang!

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