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Girls Comp

In early October, our team participated in the Bloomfield Hills Girls Competition for the third year in a row. The Bloomfield Hills Girls Competition is a robotics competition where the girls on the team are completely in charge of handling the robot. This includes making repairs and driving/operating the robot. In preparation for this year’s competition, the girls of team 4810 spent about 5-6 hours a week getting ready to compete. The girls also gained a great deal of experience prior to and during the actual competition. During the competition's playoffs, team 4810 teamed up with Shock and Awe-sum (Team 4961) and the EngiNERDs (Team 2337). With the help of these two teams, our girls came out on top in the quarterfinals and, during the semifinals tiebreaker, the team was two seconds away from making the level three climb that would’ve just put us over the edge to make it to the finals. Although we did not walk away with a win, it was still an amazing experience for the girls on our team to bring awareness to women in STEM and learn more about FIRST Robotics overall.

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