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Weeks 1-3 Newsletter


the team lost Week One due to semester exams. So at this point in the game we are playing ‘catch up’. Although at this point many teams are compete with their robot designs, we are still working. At this point the chassis and cube mechanism are complete and we are at the point of assembling all the main components together. The next step for build is incorporating all the electrical, which has been drawn out and designed as of February 1.


Currently on the Design team, the members are creating to-scale drawings in fusion 360. Members on the team are done with designing the robot but still making small changes. Since there are fewer members on this team, members are very busy and are taking on multiple roles to meet deadlines for the team. The team is done designing the (Chassis and cube mechanism) and has given the design for build to make.

Scouting/ Strategy:

So far the scouting/strategy team has worked to create scouting sheets and a basis for our pit scouting sheet. The scouting team has compiled a list of what the scouting sheet will consist of and what they will be evaluating on the pit scouting sheet. They have also read thoroughly through the rule manual to ensure that the group climbing idea was legal. Also, the scouting team has made a lot of progress with the scouting sheets and have finalized them. Additionally, they have developed a scouting algorithm that will make scouting information easier to interpret. Overall, the scouting team has been hard at work and are ahead of schedule.


Over the last several weeks, the business team has mainly been focusing on sponsorships and awards. We have had several very successful presentations and have welcomed several new companies to Team 4810. One important aspect of FIRST is submitting awards to gain ranking points in competition. We have been focusing on our submissions for the Chairman’s Award and the Woodie Flowers Award. The business team has also spent time to work with the strategy team to find ways to be more efficient during simulation and actual competition. Overall, the business team has been working hard on making our team better through awards and build strategy.

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