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Newsletter 4-6

As the build season comes to a close, our build and CAD team are working hard as bag day approaches. Our students have been working non-stop after school and on weekends. Build season is especially arduous because it coincides with the start of a new semester. We are especially proud of our students for maintaining both their schoolwork and their commitment with this team.


The programming team is building sensors for the robot and coding autonomous. The build team and design team have been working very closely and communicating ideas for design ideas, hand in hand, to finish building our bot. Currently, the build team is creating the chassis, shooter, and intake of the robot after they were designed by the design team.

The electrical team has been wiring electrical boards very carefully. This team is a new addition this year ensure that the wiring of the robot is neat and organized, so as to minimize issues that may arise at competitions. In great news, our strategy team has acquired tablets for scouting. We very excited to see how this technological advancement will improve our scouting techniques at competitions.



Well in the beginning it was a bit questionable of what my role in the team would be, but by this point, I feel like l've really connected with the team and 1 found a personal place here.


If we're counting the entire season, I would say that the first major moment would have to be the girls competition because it was my first major insertion and integration into the robotics team. It showed me a lot about what the team is really about.


l have learned a lot from this team and 1feel that l have grown more as a learner than would have if I had never join the team This team is done a lot of good things for me: l can't wait to see what the future holds


Robotics has taken up a lot of my time, but I believe it has allowed me to manage my time better thanrat the beginning of the year. Also, it has taught me many valuable social skills that I never really learned in middle school and elementary school which is important.

FINAL COMMENTS I just want to add that they've been doing good work and l hope this good work continues into the final few days before back day happens!


We are very proud to say that we're a hands-on, student-run team. Our team members juggle both an International Baccalaureate curriculum along with the responsibilities of the team. In order to be on the team, one must exemplify a strong work ethic. In addition to working towards and International Baccalaureate diploma, the members are also building impressions of what it is like to work in a technological fields. The training necessary to achieve our goals is equivalent to training received in technological fields. These accurate experiences allow our students to foster a realistic love for STEM.

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