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New Year, New Newsletter

Happy New Year form 4810! After a wonderful holiday break, this gave each subteam a chance to catch up and get things organized before kickoff. Below are a few updates from some of our Subteams.

Business: We have been able to continue our partnership with Macomb County Planning and Economic Department and representing FRC with the county. Our main focus during build season is to continue the sponsor search and work on award submissions. We would just like to once again thank our sponsors who continued to support us this year!

Build: Alongside with the rest of the team, we took inventory of all the materials and parts that 4810 has accumulated over the years to develop a better system during build season. Also, we had crash courses about the machinery in our shop and practice machining parts before we start the fabrication process this season.

Programming: We have been meeting at a local library working on becoming familiar with Labview. With these advanced training sessions, we were able to better prepare for the upcoming season.

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