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This summer, in late July, Team 4810 I.AM.Robot had the honor of participating in the Robo-Con offseason event at the Lapeer Center of Innovation in Lapeer, MI. This event was a great kickstart to the off-season, as it was the team’s first time getting back into the competition spirit. During the competition, our team had lots of fun cheering each other on as well as other teams. As the qualification matches came to a close our team was in very good standing which then got us a spot on alliance number 4 with Truck Town Thunder (Team 68) and Hemlock's Gray Matter (Team 5712). With this amazing alliance we came out on top of our first two quarter finals matches but sadly didn’t make it through the semifinals. However, through this event we met many other FIRST in Michigan teams and grew our experience together on I.AM.Robot, Team 4810.

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